What is Coercive Abuse?

What is Coercive Abuse?

Well, What is Coercive abuse? This is a good question because coercive abuse cannot really be defined as one particular event, it is a pattern of events that occur over a period of time weeks months or even for years and years. In 2014 I didn't even know what coercive abuse was, Id never heard of it and was oblivious that I was in fact been coercivly abused consistently for over a decade and this type of abuse continued after I left my ex partner through what I'm calling separation abuse. 

Coercive abuse in a nut shell is known legally as Coercive control it is when a person with whom you are personally connected, repeatedly behaves in a way which makes you feel controlled, dependent, isolated or scared.The following types of behavior are common examples of coercive control

Isolating you from your friends and family 

controlling how much money you have and how you spend it 

monitoring your activities and your movements 

repeatedly putting you down, calling you names or telling you that you are worthless 

Threatening to harm or kill you or your child 

Threatening to publish information about you or to report you to the police or the authorities 

Damaging your property or household goods forcing you to take part in criminal activity or child abuse 

Some of the behaviors in this list can be other offences as well as coercive control, so your abuser can be arrested for more than one offence for the same behavior. For example, if your abuser broke your laptop as part of his coercive control then he could be arrested and charged for coercive control and also the offence of criminal damage.Your abuser will be guilty of the offence of coercive control if he is personally connected to you, and his behavior has had a serious effect on you, and your abuser knew or ought to have known that his behavior would have a serious effect on you.

You can read about my experience of coercive control here www.growthfulsouls.com