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About Us

Just a noraml mum from manchester Thriving after domestic abuse! spreading awareness about all types of abuse with a dose of fun lifestyle & Positivey thrown in.

2 amazing kids constantly busy with them running my business,blog and sourcing products for my followers

Growthfulsouls is my experience of domestic violence and the fact that its not always rosy behind that white picket fence raising awareness to others and to let you know that there is help out there you are not alone.

My blog is full of Facts & where to get help if you are experiencing any type of abuse Man or Woman but because I didnt want my blog to be all negative Iv added a twist with a dose of Beauty Lifestyle and glamour ,sourcing and reviewing beautiful products, resturants, parenting books, beauty lifestyle and more.

If you want to see the reviews of the products pop over to my blog www.growthfulsouls.com or to learn more

Love Growthfulsouls